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At the Aircraft Electronics Association’s International Convention and Trade Show in Nashville, AvionTEq announced its new equipment management tool called MyTEq(Watch the product introduction video). This free, Web-based software program allows technicians and managers to easily access information about their company’s test equipment from a computer, tablet or smartphone. MyTEq provides an all-in-one location to store and back up specification sheets, operating manuals, calibration certificates, supporting documents and other data. The system tracks calibration, location and status of testing equipment, and automatically sends out calibration and other scheduling reminders. We plan to add new features like iPhone and Android apps, as well as utilization and mean time between failure reports in the near future.

We invite you to sign up and start utilizing MyTEq at your organization to improve productivity and reliability. We would also like to hear your comments and suggestions on how we can make MyTEq a better tool for you. To express our appreciation, we will send you a $5 Starbucks eGift once we receive your feedback. We will also enter your name for a chance to win an iPad.

To learn more about this free tool and to sign up please visit our website. We are confident you will see the benefits as soon as you start using this tool.


Man’s new best friend and flight guide

Thanks to the manufacturing companies for developing state-of-the-art gadgets that could effectively drive our sorrows and boredom away. With just a click, touch or swipe, you are now in control of your dreams and everything that you may want to know about the world and the people around you; a perfect way in making the impossible possible and the complicated easier. These gadgets already turned out to be everybody’s best friend, no longer the dogs and the diamonds, as these can go handy if you want to go shopping, dine at your favorite restaurant, or even plan that trip to paradise that you have long been waiting.


Planning a trip— Planning a trip can be so vexing and complicated at the same time. But who would have known that planning your next trip with your own aircraft is already made easy with the latest technology? Get rid of those boring old maps and quit calculating distances. What you may want to do is to grab your phone, IPad or android tablet and download the suited application on The App Store or Google Play, open the installed app and voila! they will do the rest of the job for you. The next thing that you may have to do is to sit down, relax, grab a bag of your favorite snack and start daydreaming on your most awaited trip to your most wanted destination. With these downloadable aviation applications you can now monitor on your plane’s status, check your departure and arrival time, or even find out if you need an aircraft avionics testing to ensure utmost safety during your flight.

So the next time you are planning for another trip, start downloading efficient applications on your well-loved gadgets. Book your accommodations beforehand and start shopping for your outfits. Relax and let the aviation apps do the job. No worries! You’ll be sipping that fresh coconut water in no time.

ATEQ ADSE 712 Altitude Controller Leak Tester: Key to Optimal Aircraft Maintenance

The ATEQ ADSE 712 is a single channel generator which can simulate altitude. It is capable in testing leaks in various equipments such as pneumatic circuits, functions linked to the depressurization of the aircraft and other equipments which respond to barometric restrictions.


ATEQ ADSE 712 Altitude Controller Leak Tester

It comes as a small light-weight case which houses the vacuum and pressure generation, measurement and regulation facilities. The ATEQ ADSE 712 features a generation channel for pressure or vacuum, integrated pumps and leak rate measurement. It also has a micro controller that manages the system’s regulation.


  • Secured for use by occasional users
  • Only one generation channel for pressure or vacuum
  • Leak rate measurement
  • System operation with a single button
  • Regulation managed by micro controller

As predefined in workshops, a single button powers the system to launch test programs. All operator interface, management and report functions are displayed on the front panel of the equipment and is secured for the convenience of occasional users.

Is an aviation auction the smartest way to maximize asset value?

Many domestic and foreign airlines and aircraft operators have been mandated to trim down their aircraft maintenance operations or subcontract it to other facilities outside USA, due to the recent economic depression which have greatly affected the aviation industry.  A good number of repair and maintenance operations (MRO) and avionics shop closed down permanently since they could no longer Survive. The only properties left for liquidation are typically the aircraft parts and equipment used by their operation. In many cases the owners see no other choice than relying on an aviation auction house to auction their equipments, parts and avionics test equipment and tooling at a minimum cost.  Yet, there are better ways for the owners to capitalize on their assets.


The best solution for this predicament is to consult aviation distributors who are experts in the type of aircraft components, parts and test equipments they own. This will allow the owner of the equipments to negotiate best value for their asset. One such distributor is AvionTEq who is specialized in aviation test equipment and tooling. AvionTEq makes it simple for sellers to offer their test equipment for sale and negotiate the best prices for these equipments. Seller can submit an online Offer to Sell form providing information, pictures and documents for the aviation equipment they offer for sale. Seller will receive a fair market value offer from AvionTEq very quickly and can finalize the sale and receive the cash in matter of days. The equipment owner will no longer have to go through the lengthy and painful process of signing contracts with auction companies, paying a big premium for sale of his/her property and wait weeks or in some cases months before they see any money.

Creative Aircraft Design

Innovation in aircraft design started to change and improve starting the early 1900’s. Aside from passenger’s safety and comfortable flights, capturing the vision and attention of passengers from the outside feel and interiors of an aircraft has been the major goal of airline companies to gain more profit.

Here are creative aircraft designs that you should not miss:


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Michael Huerta as FAA Administrator

After a year of temporary appointment, the Senate confirmed last January 2, 2013 that Michael Huerta is already the new and permanent FAA Administrator.

Huerta had formerly served as the agency’s deputy administrator and became acting administrator following the resignation of former FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt.


“Michael Huerta has demonstrated extraordinary leadership as he continues to focus on enhancing the safety and efficiency of the largest aviation system in the world. Ensuring the safety of the traveling public is our top priority, and I am confident that Michael will effectively lead our aviation system as we continue to move NextGen forward,” said U.S. Transportation Ray LaHood.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) also excitingly congratulated the new confirmed administrator for FAA. “Throughout his tenure at the FAA, Michael Huerta has demonstrated strong leadership skills, and an in-depth understanding of issues, including the need for continued transformation to a Next Generation Air Traffic Control System [NextGen], which will produce safety and efficiency gains in America’s aviation system,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.

Airlines for America President Nicholas E. Calio also expressed his approval of the Senate confirmation for Huerta.

Huerta qualifies for his position as he enters the FAA with commendable experiences. Apart from serving in the private sector, he also served as Chief of Staff in the Department of Transportation during the Clinton Administration.

7 Airline Policies for Passengers

All airline companies endeavor to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of customers. To this end, they must implement rules and regulations for the passengers to follow in order to achieve utmost passenger safety. Some of these policies are as follows:

1)      Passengers are forbidden to create situations endangering flight safety or the life, health and dignity of other passengers and also of the airline personnel, or insult them verbally or physically.

2)      They are not allowed to consume alcohol other than that served on board.

3)      Passengers should not smoke (including electronic cigarettes) during the entire flight.


4)      They must not use the accident and rescue equipment without the expressed direction of the crew.

5)      Passengers are forbidden to use electronic devices and communication facilities during taxiing, takeoff and landing of the aircraft.

6)      Passengers are forbidden to create conditions that are uncomfortable for fellow passengers or cause problems for the work of the crew.

7)      They are not allowed to damage the airline’s property and/or remove it from the aircraft.


With every commendable performance and service that is delivered, the more costumers are there to continually patronize the services that a company offers. Apart from providing the aviation with the latest equipment, products and services, every airline company aspires to bring out the highest quality of service to their customers. The reason for imposing such policies is to ensure the passenger’s safety all throughout their journey. The passengers are therefore expected to comply with the given policies. So to all passengers, whether in leisure or in business travel, have a nice and safe trip!